Huddersfield is a fantastic market town in Yorkshire with some stunning architecture from the Victorian era. It’s a beautiful place to have a wedding with some fantastic spots such as the Castle Hill monument, Crow Hill, Pennine Manor and many more. Mark J Hillyer Photography is a professional wedding photographer Huddersfield. I am based just outside Leeds and know Huddersfield very well. I’ve brought my professional wedding photography to couples throughout Huddersfield for years.

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My Photography Style

I developed my unique style of wedding photography years back when I worked as a cruise ship photographer. I loved telling stories with my photographs; capturing the feeling, emotion and relationships that make up the individual behind each picture. I carried that natural, reportage style into my wedding photography. I don’t just take pictures; I tell your story.

Weddings in Huddersfield aren’t all the same. Believe me, I’ve been to a lot! Your wedding day will be unique and I want to capture that in my work. Your friends and family create your day: the special moments, the funny ones, the games and dance moves and tears. I photograph everything that makes your day your own.

Weddings are beautiful and romantic, but I never neglect the fun side! Humour is a big part of how I work because it’s the funny moments that make the day special. They reveal the personalities and character behind your guests — the people that impact your lives the most. It’s partly why I love to photograph in a natural style as it allows me to capture real and genuine moments that you’ll love to look back on.

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Huddersfield Wedding Photographer

I love working as a wedding photographer in Huddersfield, but I know I’m not the only one out there! So what makes me different from other Huddersfield photographers?


I’ve been working as a photographer for decades. After gaining Photography qualifications as a student, I travelled the world for ten years as a cruise ship photographer. Here, I refined my skills and developed my personal style. I then went on to work in wedding photography and have lost count of the number of weddings I’ve covered! Every experience is unique and I love the variety of events and the incredible people I get to meet.

If you want a Huddersfield wedding photographer with experience, the ability to adapt to all weather conditions, different spaces and light, unpredictable situations and to provide the highest quality photos, then get in touch today.


I’m not only highly experienced, I also prioritise people. I can safely say that in all my experience, it’s not the food or the music that stands out, but the people. That’s what weddings are all about. I am friendly, approachable and easy to work with. I help people relax in front of the camera so you get the very best photographs that capture the real atmosphere of your day.

Huddersfield Wedding Photographers

I offer a range of wedding packages for people in Huddersfield and can even offer multiple photographers to get maximum coverage of your wedding. Whatever you want, just get in touch and I would love to discuss all your options with you.

I have covered a lot of wedding in Huddersfield and the wider area. One of my favourites was at Holdsworth House with Nicole and Paul. It’s a Jacobean manor build in 1633 so has incredible beauty and historical architecture that fed into the beauty of Nicole and Paul’s wedding as a whole.

Have a look through my blog to see more examples of my wedding photography Huddersfield work and my work throughout Yorkshire.

If you’re interested in a professional, leading wedding photographer in Huddersfield, get in touch today.

I also cover weddings throughout the UK and Yorkshire, including Leeds, Sheffield, Harrogate and beyond.