Mark J Hillyer Photography is a professional wedding photographer in Harrogate. Harrogate is one of my favourite places to work in Yorkshire – although it’s hard to pick just one! It’s not too far from where I’m based, just outside Leeds, but is a beautiful area with some stunning venues – not to mention all the wonderful people I’ve met as a wedding photographer in Harrogate.

I haven’t had much time to explore the tourist spots around the town when I’m working, but I have experienced some of the most beautiful venues. The RHS Harlow Carr gardens, the Valley Gardens, the Old Swan Hotel (where Agatha Christie hid out!), Allerton Castle… the options for stunning Harrogate wedding venues is almost endless! And of course, I try to squeeze in a trip to Betty’s when I get the chance!

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Harrogate Wedding Photographer

I’m a professional wedding photographer in Harrogate with decades of experience. My work is characterised not by certain signature shots or a particular way of editing, but by you. I work in a natural, reportage style that’s focused on capturing your personality and what makes your wedding day unique. I photograph all those special moments (romantic through to comic!) that make your wedding your own.

I’ve been working throughout Yorkshire and covering Harrogate weddings for a large number of years now! My style is popular with a huge range of different couples because it’s versatile and based on the way your wedding day pans out. The events of your day shape the photography — not the other way around!

I do offer group shots, of course, but the main focus of my work is photographing the moments that happen naturally. I tell a story with my photographs not just of your love, but of the character of your family and friends who surround you. It’s not just about what the people look like on the day, but their personalities and the way they shape your wedding (and will go on to shape your lives!). My photography style gives you a stunning collection of final photos that you’ll love to look through for decades to come.

Photography Style

Humour is a vital part of the way I work as it’s those silly little things that make a wedding special. Whether it’s your mum pulling a face as she puts on her makeup, your best man’s ‘interesting’ dance moves, or your little nephews covered in cake, I photograph the funny parts too. It’s easy to miss things when you’re enjoying your day, but my photographs mean you don’t have to worry about being everywhere all the time; you still get to enjoy the bits you didn’t see!

While I love the funny photographs, your wedding day is primarily about your love as a couple. From the moment you catch each other’s eye down the aisle to when you leave in the wedding car after the dancing, I’ll be there to photograph your special day. There’s always time after the ceremony to whisk you away for some more intimate shots. As I’m so familiar with Harrogate, I know all the best places to go and love to discuss your ideas with you before the wedding day.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer Harrogate, then get in touch with me today to discuss any questions and to find out my availability.

Harrogate Wedding Venues

I’ve worked with a number of couples in Harrogate and had the pleasure of visiting a range of different venues. I might already be familiar with your wedding venue, but I also love going to new places. My years of experience as a wedding photographer enables me to adapt to the lowest light conditions or the cosiest spaces!

View some of my blogs of weddings in Harrogate below to get a feel for my work, as well as seeing some of the venues I’ve covered before.

There are some locations that will always stick in my mind. The Old Swan Hotel is a historical venue where Agatha Christie hid out when she famously disappeared. It has a breath-taking, Victorian wrought iron conservatory and a large ballroom that creates a fantastic atmosphere.

Allerton Castle, also known as Allerton Park, is just outside Harrogate. It is a grand building that’s beautiful both inside and out. It’s perfect for weddings large and small, and is an ideal setting for some stunning wedding photography!

If you’re interested in a professional, leading wedding photographer in Harrogate, get in touch today.

I also cover weddings throughout the UK and Yorkshire, including Leeds, Sheffield, Huddersfield and beyond.