I sat in my office this morning with a coffee, trying to decide which wedding to share with you today. I’ve been tidying up my computer recently. Whilst it’s a really boring task, it does give me chance to look back over the year and some of the weddings that I have photographed. One of those weddings was Kerry & Oliver’s in Harome in North Yorkshire. That seems like a good one to brighten up a cold January.

Until I photographed this wedding, I’d never been to Harome before. It’s somewhere that I’d heard of many times though. My parents always used to head off there in their caravan every year, but teenage me preferred to stay at home. Teenagers eh? It turns out I should have gone, Harome is a beautiful little village up on the Yorkshire moors (although I suspect that teenage me may not have appreciated it so much).

Kerry & Oliver were both getting ready in the same place, The Pheasant. The Pheasant is one of those fantastic Yorkshire country house hotels. The ones that always have a massive log fire burning on really cold days. They always seem to have the most comfortable armchairs too.

There’s something special about weddings where everyone is getting ready in the same place. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but it’s something to do with the atmosphere. While friends were getting St Saviours church ready over the road, Oliver and the guys were getting the room ready for the reception. Photographing busy mornings is probably the part of the day that I enjoy most. You can really create a story with the images.  What a story it was too.

I often mention that there’s always something that stands out from every single wedding. Something that sticks in your mind and works like a sort of index, recalling the wedding in your mind every time you see it again. It was Kerry & Oliver’s impromptu turn with the band. Just a small thing, but sometimes you see couples on their wedding day & it’s clear why they are together.

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