First published: November 20th 2017

A few weeks ago, I went running around Skipwith Common.  I’ve joined the Trail Running York group and every Wednesday evening, we go running around another part of Yorkshire.  When we went running there, it was already dark.  What I did see, illuminated by my head torch as I barrelled down the narrow paths, suggested that I might want to go back in daylight.

A week or so later, our little girl was having a sleepover at her grandparents. Fiona & I decided to make the most of the time (and the peace and quiet) and head out for a nice walk to enjoy the sunset.

There’s no real theme to these photographs.  It’s just a couple of rolls of film that I shot for the fun of it.  Sometimes the evening light is just too good to pass up.  Golden hour at Skipwith is something special and I’ll be heading back there for sure.

The history of the actual common is fascinating.  Migrating glaciers blocked the river humber 20 odd thousand years ago and caused a massive flooding called the Humber Lake.  It was this that formed the whole Vale of York and the common.  The common was also a bomber training base during WWII.  You can see the old runway and roads and paths among the trees, as well as the odd Anderson shelter.  You can read a bit more about it here.

For the Photographers

The technical stuff that won’t be of much interest to anyone unless they have an unnaturally nerdy interest in photography:

Camera: Hasselblad 503CW

Lenses: 60mm & 120mm

Film: Kodak portra 400 (Box Speed)

Process: Rollei C41 kit – in the kitchen

You can see some more of my personal work, mostly shot on film by clicking my `Personal Work‘ link or having a look at my Instagram Page