Hamlet Rehearsals at the Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds

Throughout the year, I shoot rehearsal photographs for Leeds Arts Centre’s various productions.   Watching and photographing the amount of work that goes into one of their productions alway leaves me slightly in awe.  Especially when it’s Hamlet, which is probably my favourite of the Shakespearian plays. If I have a shopping list of more than three things, I have to write them down.  Where do you even begin to learn all of Hamlet’s lines?

On this occasion, I took the photographs over a couple of nights as the cast rehearsed.

After looking at the rehearsal photographs, why not take a look at the cast portraits on my Studio Website: Leeds Portrait Studio

If you’d like to see the play, performed by Leeds Arts Centre, it’s on from Thursday 7th February, to Saturday 9th February, at the Carriageworks Theatre in Millennium Square, Leeds.  The performances start at 7:15.  You can book your tickets from LAC’s website.